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Northwest Rapid Manufacturing is Your Source for
Rapid Manufactured 3D Printed Parts and Prototypes!

NW Rapid Manufacturing SLS Parts and Prototyping

Northwest Rapid Manufacturing (NWRapid) is known
for its unrivaled capability to produce structurally sound, thin-walled parts using the Selective Laser Sintering
(SLS) process. We are your Business 2 Business (B2B)
3D printing experts.

  • The SLS process creates high function, lightweight parts as quickly as overnight without molds or tooling.
  • SLS produces production parts in tough, durable nylon and carbon fiber composites. SLS differs from other additive manufacturing processes which may produce parts that degrade quickly, break easily, or lose their shape at elevated temperatures.
  • Some of our complex components have flown more than 800,000 total hours on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), and serve purposes as diverse as fuel delivery, aerodynamics, cosmetic, EMI-shielding, and structural. Other parts are found on some of the fastest race cars in America, helping provide the edge to championship teams!
  • NWRapid's part quality is exceptional for the rapid prototyping industry, as our engineers have a strong background on the many SLS process variables.
  • We operate the newest and most reliable machinery from EOS, including the EOSINT P 390, P 730 and P 760.