A different kind of 3D printing service

We print to solve problems and achieve goals. We know that in order to do that, we must be willing to work a little harder, work a little smarter, and develop relationships with customers.

Typical service in the 3D printing world is minimal. You send in your file, choose your material and colors, get a quote, get a confirmed price, and then you receive a 3D print of exactly what was sent in your file … No questions asked. For someone with an engineering and 3D printing background, this is a very effective process. For the average business owner however, this minimalistic method can lead to a final product that doesn’t achieve the end goal.

3D Printing has a reputation…

From its inception, 3D printing has had the reputation for being the fast, easy, cost effective alternative to traditional manufacturing. For the right jobs with the right materials, the right quantity and an accurate file, this is true. But for 3D printing to truly live up to its reputation, it needs to be executed with a level of expertise that is greatly underestimated. It’s fast, easy and cost effective if you know what you’re doing. But if you don’t? It can be incredibly slow, difficult, expensive, and you may not end up with a satisfactory part.

When done in partnership, the possibilities of 3D printing are endless (and accurate)!

Rather than expect you to know everything about 3D printing…

Our team only expects you to know everything about what you do. We love 3D printing, but we don’t just print products to print them. We print products to solve problems (literally why we exist in the first place). Often, customers know that 3D printing is the solution, but they aren’t sure how … And that’s OKAY! We have a team of engineers and technicians who help with every step of the 3D printing process – from choosing the right material, to creating a 3D model, to determining the most cost-effective solution. We want to share our expertise with customers because it guarantees a product that makes our customer happy, which in turn makes us happy.

Problem-solving 3D printing requires a partnership

Between printer and customer. While the 3D printer has to have the expertise to help solve problems and the integrity to determine if 3D printing is the right fit for a project, the customer has to be open to the discussion and industry expertise, and remember that we are not mind readers. It’s this partnership though that makes 3D Printing a game changer. The perfect example of this is our work with Tri-S, a local screen printing company. Working directly with the President and CEO, we were able to understand what they needed, engineer parts, and test a few materials to find them the perfect fit. Today, we’re their go-to printer for every piece of tooling because we were able to find a way to give them the best of both worlds – a dramatic cut in cost with a 10 day turn-around time!

A square base cap we print for Tri-S, one of many parts we now print for them.

We’re proud to offer problem-solving 3D printing services because we believe it’s the right way to do business. Our customers should know exactly what they’re printing before we print it. They should be paying for a solution, not a new problem. And they shouldn’t have to figure out that solution on their own.

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