Rapid Manufacturing

The easy solution for complex designs.
From powder to production in a matter of days.

The Benefits


Reduce Time-To Market


Easy Design Changes


Lightweight Parts


Structurally Sound


Bring on Complex Parts

How It's Done

Step 1.
The 3D CAD file is sliced into cross-sections or layers 0.10-0.15mm thick.

Step 2.
The SLS machine heats the plastic powder close to the melting point. The laser (you read that right, we use lasers) makes a pass over the build platform and selectively melts one cross-section layer.

Step 3.
The machine lowers the bed of the build chamber and the recoater carries a new layer of material across the build platform and repeats Step 2. 

Step 4.
Our machines build at about 10-15 mm per hour...Even old Gretel keeps up with that pace!

Step 5.
After the powder cools, parts are removed from the “cake” of powder by a technician and each part is bead blasted to remove the excess powder.

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