The beauty is in the details.
A finishing option for every project.

Our Part Finishing Techniques





Hand Sanding


Thin Film Metallization

Custom Dye & Painting

Vibratory Finishing

SLS Finishing Options

Standard or Smooth Finish:
Our standard finish is included in the build price. We bead blast each part to remove any un-sintered powder. Surface texture can be improved through optional vibratory finishing or hand sanding.

Electroplating & Thin Film Metallization:
Copper, nickel, or a combination can be deposited on part surfaces to increase strength or electrical conductivity in shielding applications.

Paints & Dyes:
Custom painting and dyes. 

Fastener Inserts:
SLS nylon can be tapped directly for the integration of fasteners. Metal inserts can be used when additional strength or more cycles are required. Metal inserts are generally made from brass or stainless steel and are available in many shapes and sizes.

Tank Sealant:
Internal or external applications for fuel or lubricant storage. We often build fuel and lubricant storage tanks for our motorsports and aviation customers. For extreme conditions, we can apply a special coating to the external surfaces of the tank to meet customer requirements.

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