Our Community

Wine. Country living. Good food. All that was missing was a local 3D printer... With delight, we’ve filled those shoes since 2008! Many will tell you Yamhill County is an unusual combination of people, large manufacturers, and small local businesses. And anyone who knows anything about us knows we fit right into the unusual.

Our community is a big part of who we are, which is why it’s so important to us to support the businesses and people in it. Beyond frequenting our local farmer’s market and shopping local as much as possible, there are a few other ways we regularly give back to our community listed below.

Yamhill County CASA

A Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) is an unbiased, fierce protector of an abused or neglected child going through the trauma of the court system. CASAs work in the system, without being part of the system. This means that as an organization, they rely completely on donations, applied-for-grants, and volunteers. NW Rapid fiercely supports Yamhill County CASA and everything they stand for. Our company president donates her time as the Vice Chair on their Board of Directors; and also an active CASA. NW Rapid sponsors and attends their events. We promote CASA fundraising and we even collect bottles and cans so the deposits can be donated!

McMinnville High School Engineering & Aerospace Sciences Academy (EASA)

Every year (usually multiple times a year) NW Rapid Manufacturing finds a way to support the McMinnville High School EASA and robotics team. Whether it’s through tours of our facility to show the kids future career opportunities or funds to help them build their robot or attend competitions- we truly believe our future employees are only as good as we educate them!


We’ve donated to too many causes on Donors.org to list them ALL here! It’s a great place to find teachers in your local community who need just a little bit more funding to do better things for their students. A few of the projects we have donated to recently include:

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