The design process begins with an idea.
Computer aided design, human led process.

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Functional prototypes – it’s what we do best. Our engineering aims to always set you up for the ideal transition from prototype to manufacturing using the SLS process, though we’ll be up front with you if your design will require another manufacturing method (e.g. casting or injection molding).

Why do we engineer for SLS? Well, beyond the fact that SLS is the bomb-dot-com (obviously we have no bias at all), if your design needs further refinement, a key advantage of the SLS process is it naturally allows concurrent engineering. Multiple iterations of a part, or different versions of a specific design feature, can be created at once in the same build and then each evaluated for its individual merit.

SLS can produce a robust, high-performance version of your final design. This “final design” can incorporate multiple iterations, with individual labeling or key features that vary from part to part. And this personalization or process flexibility comes at no extra cost, which is definitely not the case with other manufacturing methods. A flexible process coupled with our tough nylon SLS material means your prototype and eventually your manufactured parts are ready to go straight from our machines to doing work for you. Ask us about engineering your project for SLS – let’s turn your idea into reality!


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