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The Design Process Begins With an Idea.

With selective laser sintering, almost any idea is possible. We can start with something as simple as a sketch on a napkin. Our engineers can then create a 3D CAD model from your idea. If the concept looks good on the computer screen, then it’s time to get a prototype made.


Why NW Rapid Mfg?

  • Experience with SLS Process
  • Design for 3D Printing
  • Multi-Platform Software
  • Over 40 Years Design & Engineering Experience
  • Multi-Industry Backgrounds

NW Rapid has an engineering staff with over 40 combined years of design and engineering experience across multiple industries. Our experience with design for 3D printing in general, and SLS in particular, ensures that your design will benefit the most from this technology.

Have your Design Become a Reality.

The ideal transition is from prototype to manufacturing using the SLS process.
Sometimes the design will transition to another manufacturing method (e.g. casting or injection molding). If the design needs further refinement, a key advantage of the SLS process is it naturally allows concurrent engineering. Multiple iterations of a part, or different versions of a specific design feature, can be created at once in the same build and then each evaluated for its individual merit.

SLS can produce a robust, high-performance version of your final design.
This "final design" can incorporate multiple iterations, with individual labeling or key features that vary from part to part. This personalization or process flexibility comes at no extra cost. Our nylon SLS parts are tough enough to go straight to work, from our machine to yours. Functional prototypes are our specialty. For some important tips on how to design for the SLS process, please see our Q&A and SLS Design pages.


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