Amity Elementary School's 4th Grade Came by for a Tour

The future workforce is hungry for knowledge and hands-on experiences. We're more than happy to oblige!

To encourage tomorrow's engineers and makers, we invited the Amity Elementary School 4th grade to visit our Bunns Village facility for a tour. We started in our conference room where we looked at some 3D-printed pieces. From tchotchkes and prototypes to functional parts, the kids had a chance to play with all sorts of goodies. 

The conference room party. 

Our Project Engineer Chantelle showing a student a 3D-printed purse. 

From there, we moved to our production building where the magic happens. We had prepared a few areas for the students to help us break out the cake, which is the "baked good" result of our selective laser sintering (SLS) machine's hard work.

Students sifting through powder to find some take-home parting gifts. 

Our fearless leader with a student. 

A few students sifting through the "cake" to find some of the 3D-printed parts.  


After doing their best to resist the urge to eat the powder, the kids shared what they learned about our "laser" sintering machines. 

We wrapped up the tour back in the conference room where the students were able to ask questions and pose for the obligatory group photo. The students had some great questions, and we hope we inspired a few to look into manufacturing, engineering, or 3D printing as a career choice. There are so many applications to these industries and the future's technological capabilities are something to be envied. 

Our owner, Heather Harris, shared a bit about our abilities and how she got into the 3D printing manufacturing business. 

Thanks for stopping by, Amity Elementary School!

Have a group you'd like to inspire? Want to teach your class about the science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) industries? Let us know! We'd love to coordinate. In the meantime, stay curious and be ever learning. 

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