Parts with Tight Tolerances

  • Our standard production tolerances (with no post-op machining processes) are +/-0.25mm (+/-0.010 inches) for features less than or equal to 50mm in size, +/-0.38mm (+/-0.015 inches) for features that are greater than 50mm in size but less than or equal to 75mm in size. For features that are greater than 75mm in size our tolerance is +/-0.38mm plus 0.05mm per every 25mm over 75mm (+/-0.015 plus 0.002 inches per inch for each inch over 3.00 inches)
  • Send a print, along with your RFQ, highlighting the important features and feature tolerances that are desired
  • For the SLS process, it is only possible to build with symmetric tolerances
  • For large quantity runs or large parts (with extreme tolerance requirements) leave extra material on the part that can then be removed thru a post-op machining process
  • For small quantity runs (10 or less) send the CAD file (in a 3D CAD neutral format) along with your purchase request – this will allow us the ability to adjust the model in order to account for variations in shrink rates
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