Case Study: Reaching New Heights with a Prototype for POA Design

We recently worked with Portland’s POA Design to make the prototype for Kurt Hausheer’s PlyoTower. The PlyoTower is “The Next Evolution in Plyometrics”, and we were excited to work with the design firm to create a workable prototype that was later turned into the full product, which is now available on the company’s website. The PlyoTower is a workout tool for athletes to use for jump training.

NW Rapid First Prototype

We used additive manufacturing with extensive secondary operations to perfect the design. We used PA 2201, an unfilled Nylon 12. There were a few challenges during production, mainly that the project consisted of large multibody assemblies, which required extreme precision for moving the mechanical components and weldment subassemblies. Technicians assembled and finished the parts to meet functional requirements. Everything went as intended, and the project was successfully completed.

NW Rapid Final Prototype

Zac Rubenson, POA Design Principal, shared his experience working with us: "NW Rapid Mfg has consistently met or exceeded our expectations on a variety of complex projects. They have been very easy to work with, and I would not hesitate to use them again." We provide great customer service in addition to easy and competitive quoting. We always work to ensure assembly function before delivery, and we make it a habit to meet expectations and timelines.

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