Lost Investment Casting Patterns via SLS!

One method NWRapid uses to turn SLS work into higher volume production is to create lost investment patterns for casting. Our polystyrene material has a very low residual ash factor during burnout, and can either be burned out prior to casting or during the casting process itself. This photo of an approximate 2″ tall flange gives one a sense for the level of detail attainable with the material. As a point of reference, the layer lines just visible towards the top of the part along the outer circumference of the elbow, are just .004″ (four thousandths of an inch) thick.

Prior to casting, the polystyrene pattern can be infused with casting wax to provide an even smoother surface. As well, certain epoxies can be applied (via spraying) to increase the strength of the pattern, and to provide a smoother surface.

Our EOS P730 and P760, located on-site in our facility in McMinnville Oregon, can create cast patterns as large as 26″ x 15″ x 23″!

Give one of our Sales Engineers a call at 503-434-8557 to discuss your cast pattern needs!

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