To Get to the Next Level, Use Additive Manufacturing

When you own a manufacturing company, you have to deal with a lot of moving parts — both in the shop and in the office. Save time and money by incorporating 3D printed parts into your bigger product. Combining our additive manufacturing with your traditional manufacturing could be just the ticket to boost your company to that next level! Here are the top five reasons why you should use additive manufacturing:

1. Test it out first

When you are designing a new UAV or drone, for example, how much time does it take to design a new mold for each part and then create the actual part? How many different tools do you have to use? Prototyping designs is the best, most cost-effective way to ensure your final product works. Unfortunately, traditional manufacturing methods can often slow that process down. When you use additive manufacturing, you only have to work with a CAD file and a printer. Each part just needs a new CAD file. It is that fast and easy.

2. Make changes quickly

How many molds do you have to make for a single part before you finalize a product? Rather than starting from scratch every time, 3D printing lets you simply edit the original file on the computer. Whether you want to change it by a centimeter or decide an oval would be more efficient than a circle, an edited part can be printed rapidly so your overall design process is not halted.

3. Erase human error

Even the best of the best make mistakes sometimes. Human error happens to all of us, but when your project is designed on a computer, you can make sure the smallest details can be printed to the exact specifications designed in the CAD file. This means you can be certain the most intricate aspects of your part will print exactly as they are seen on the computer screen.

4. Produce more, faster

Once you have a prototype finalized and you are ready to manufacture your product, you want to be able to scale your production. After all, there is a fine line between fabricating enough product quickly and exceeding your budget on production. That is one of the biggest benefits of additive manufacturing. Unlike traditional manufacturing, you can print multiple copies of the same file and more copies are available at the press of a button.

5. Obliterate limitations

What perfect design or function elements have been just out of reach because of traditional manufacturing limits? When you complement your designs with additive manufacturing, the possibilities are practically limitless.

The benefits of additive manufacturing can help your company produce functioning parts to work in conjunction with your traditional manufacturing tools. You can operate faster and most cost-effectively than ever before. Call NW Rapid Manufacturing to get started.

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