Standard Nylon 12 (PA2201)

Our standard Nylon 12 material is ideal for most applications. It is lightweight, tough, flexible yet rigid, and economical. It can be tumbled, dyed, painted, glued, drilled, tapped, and machined.  It has a melting point around 325°F and no porosity with wall thicknesses greater than 0.060” (1.5 mm). With its exceptional chemical, fuel, and UV- resistance, this material can be used for fuel and liquid storage. We have examples that have held 10psi for longer than three years with no fuel loss!

PA2201 is FDA certified (21 CFR §177.15009(b)) food safe, except for alcohol.

This material is white in color and will develop a patina with exposure to air that does not affect its mechanical properties. 



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