Replacing Automotive Parts with Additive Manufacturing

Some family cars, no matter how well-loved, start to need little replacements as they get older. In this case, the temperature knob in a client's 1996 Honda Accord had failed. Each subsequent replacement failed as well. NW Rapid Manufacturing was solicited for automotive parts replacement and improvement to keep the beloved car in working order, at a comfortable temperature.

The project from start to finish took just five days, completed in the NW Rapid facility here in McMinnville, Oregon. We used SolidWorks to design the product. We then determined the best material to use was Nylon 12, which is a lightweight economical material that is extremely tough. So while past knobs have failed over the years, the client's new temperature knob will last. We finished the knob with black dye to match the interior of the client's Honda.

Five days after the client came to us, we installed the replacement temperature knob in the client's car. He was thrilled with the project, reporting: "I was super pleased with the customer service, pricing and quick delivery of my part!" Plus, he now gets to drive at a comfortable temperature year-round with working automotive parts.

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