SLS 3D Printing: Oh the Possibilities!

Though we don’t always know the end use of a design we print for our clients, we know the applications of SLS are (almost) unlimited. Just as an example, we print for a number of different industries, including automotive, medical, aviation, and others. We also work with universities and the art community, helping inventors and designers.

Take just one of the materials we use for instance: PA 2200. With it, we can create functional parts for just about anything. It can also be used in medical applications, manufacturing products like prostheses. It can substitute typical injection molding plastics and create a more movable part. At the same time, the material itself has high strength and stiffness, good chemical resistance, and excellent long-term constant behavior. You can also get super detailed with your designs using this material.

Moreover, there are various finishing possibilities, such as: metallisation, stove enamelling, vibratory grinding, tub colouring, bonding, powder coating, and flocking. It’s also approved for food contact, except when it comes to high-alcoholic foods/liquids. When it comes to SLS and this material, the possibilities are endless.

The future for 3D printing, and SLS in particular, is still unknown, but its success indicates that it will continue to grow and advance, making it even more accessible to the public. For now, the process is complex and intricate, as is the equipment. With our expertise, however, we navigate the 3D printing world and create some pretty amazing things, like: a functional, airborne drone; a Remington-compatible magazine; or this prototype of wearable technology for rechargeable batteries to be used in the military. We loved working on each and every one of these fascinating projects. Getting to work on projects for all sorts of uses and industries has been so rewarding!

Have an idea for a project you’d like to print? We can review it and let you know if we can bring it into fruition with SLS. Give us a call at (503) 434-8557, or send us some details for a free review and quote.

Interested in more in-depth information on our SLS process? Check out our SLS Process page.

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